The Apprentice – A Teapot as a Light Shade!

As seen on The Apprentice where the teams had to sell two British products to Buy female viagra retailers in Paris; the Teapot Light proved to be surprisingly successful with the French buyers and I’m sure many people after watching the episode were left asking ‘Where can I buy a teapot light?! Well, we’ve tried our best to track down the teapot shaped light shade and although we couldn’t find a supplier with the exact same teapot, we have found similar items at Liberty of London.

teapot light shade at Liberty

Click here to view at Liberty

teapot light shade at Liberty

Click here to view at Liberty

coffeepot light shade at Liberty

click here to view at Liberty

Despite gaining a number of orders and a positive response to the Teapot Light Shade, Tom’s Logic team lost due to team Venture’s Helen and her assured pitch to the huge French retailer, La Redoute for the BoostApak back pack/booster seat, bringing in an order for a staggering €214,000.

The Teapot Light on The Apprentice

c'est très cool!

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