‘Sound, Vision, Colour and Detail’ – The Music from the Sony Xperia Z Ad


‘Sound, Vision, Colour and Detail’ runs the tagline for Sony’s Xperia Z ad, directed by famed Indian director Tarsem and which traces the Buy levitra online development of sound and Buy female viagra online colour in technology from recording the first space mission to the present day. The final scene is set in the Hindu festival of Xenical 120mg colours, Holi, Buy xenical online where celebrations involve throwing coloured dye. The music was created especially for the ad by Sonjay Prabhakar and is a rework of David Bowie’s 1977 track Sound and Vision, from the album Low. Unfortunately Sonjay Prabhakar’s version is not commercially available but David Bowie’s original most certainly is.

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Watch the Sony Xperia Z ad here: